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Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian, Thomas Müller - they all belong to the "big ones" in the celebrity world. And they are the absolute Instagram influencers. You too can become a great influencer! Get thousands of likes, views, comments and impressions every day. Every time you look at your Insta account, additional views, likes, impressions, comments and profile visitors are added. A fantastic feeling! Do you want to experience this feeling too? Do you have the inner desire to rapidly increase your reach and become an influential figure in the Instagram community? Then we are your perfect solution! Now click on register below!



With us you play it safe in any case. Our service is carried out entirely without "intermediaries" or "sub-companies". The reach you achieve is generated by the likes and views of real users with high-quality profiles. They come directly from our Instagram community. That is one of the reasons that we always have the best prices on the market. Convinced? Then register now on our website and top up your credit account. Exchange the credit for valuable points. You can use these successively to push your account. From the very first day you will get real likes, views and profile visitors. You can even get real comments and valuable impressions from our own Instagram community. Increase your reach on Instagram with just a few clicks and secure the coveted influencer status over time.

You've definitely asked yourself how it is possible that so many stars and starlets have hundreds of thousands of followers, right? The real stars are guaranteed to be mostly real followers. It's their fans and other enthusiastic followers who just can't get enough of watching what their idols do all day - or even at night. It goes without saying that the fans use every opportunity available to get close to their role models. Via Instagram, they are literally connected to them “live and in color” and enjoy the brilliant feeling of being able to participate in their life. To a certain extent, of course. What only very few fans or followers know, however, is that Kardashians and Co. often help "a little bit" to increase the number of their followers.

The more followers, the more in demand you are. The same goes for the stars you adore. So what could be more natural than to increase your own follower numbers via our platform every now and then in order to push your account? Just give it a try and see how easy it is. After you have secured your own account with us, you can start. Almost immediately after you have topped up your credit on our platform, you can literally watch how you advance to an Insta celebrity. And best of all: As soon as the others notice how trendy you are or how many followers you already have, the more interesting you will be.


As the number of followers increases, you will become a sought-after influencer. From then on, it won't be long before other followers look at what you have to report to the Insta world. Enjoy the incredibly good feeling of belonging and becoming a topic of conversation for the public. Take your chance now and open your account on our platform. Whether real followers, real likes or comments that apply to your post, we deliver everything with the highest satisfaction guarantee. Make yourself interesting! Show your profile to the incredibly huge world of Instagram. The earlier you start, the faster you will become a sought-after influencer. What are you waiting for?

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The most important things in the overview

Why buy Instagram Likes?

In addition to followers, success can also be measured with likes. This is exactly why likes are at least as important as followers. If you consider that more than 1 billion active users use Instagram every month, it becomes clear how important the correct presentation of an Instagram account is. With it you show that your products or services inspire!

What information do we need?

All you have to do is register and enter your Instagram account. With our points you can get started right away and invest in Instagram likes and other services. So we will never ask you for your account data, such as your password!

How long does it take to get Instagram likes?

After you have registered, you will also receive your first points, which you can clearly view and manage on our dashboard. You can exchange these points immediately in likes, views, comments, impressions, story views, profile visitors and post saves, but you can also invest them in future posts! Once you have used up all the points, you can easily top up them again using PAYPAL or credit card. After you have used Points, our community immediately goes to work and interacts with your Instagram account as you set it up!

Where do the Instagram likes come from?

Instagram likes from Instafabrik come from 100% real users from our community with high-quality and reputable profiles, because: Even 1 million likes are of no use to you if they come from profiles without a certain reach. With us you therefore get qualitative Instagram Likes from users who exactly match your profile!

What our customers say about us

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“I used my points and the first likes have already arrived on my Instagram! I invested during a holiday and still everything was delivered. I am very stunned!"
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“The Instagram likes at Instafabrik are high quality and are delivered very quickly. I can recommend Instafabrik with a clear conscience! "
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"My questions were always answered by customer support, even if I can be annoying at times. I can warmly recommend Instafabrik."
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“I think the Point System is great! So I can always decide for myself how many points I want to invest in which service! "

Success made easy: Buy Instagram Likes now

1 billion users currently use Instagram every month, while 500 million users visit Instagram every day. Exactly these users like billions of posts and follow brands and companies on a daily basis. But they don't just follow or like anyone.

Instagram likes and followers provide information about whether a company is serious and professional. This also applies to content creators and public figures. Small companies in particular have great difficulties in setting up their Instagram account and getting likes and followers at the beginning. How can you compete against the big players on Instagram? How can you generate enough attention without having to sit in front of Instagram for hours?

Smaller accounts are disadvantaged

In 2016 Instagram introduced a new algorithm that brought smaller and still unknown accounts to the verge of disappearing. Until then, all contributions were treated equally and displayed in chronological order in the users' feed.

But since 2016, posts have been weighted and displayed based on relevance. The relevance is determined by likes and comments. That means: Instagram accounts that are already large and have a lot of followers get even more engagement, while small accounts are forgotten.

For Instagram, of course, this change is beneficial because they don't have to put resources into insignificant accounts. So what can you do to be noticed in spite of a lot of competition? The answer is simple: you can buy Instagram likes.

This is what Instagram likes say about you

The famous red hearts on Instagram stand for trust, interest and approval. When individuals like your friends get a lot of likes, it shows their popularity. For companies, freelancers, artists, bloggers, models and other entrepreneurs, many likes show a certain awareness and sovereignty. A high reach symbolizes a certain popularity of posts that can quickly go viral from there. Here Instagram works like a particle accelerator!

The situation is different if posts are posted at the wrong time of day and day. The quality and added value can be outstanding, but if you don't know your target group or the optimal times to post, it's a wasted effort. However, when you buy Instagram Likes, you guarantee a minimum of commitment so that your lovingly created pictures are not forgotten in the vastness of the Internet.

It's all about community

Humans are social beings. We always pay attention to what kind of car our neighbors drive or which bag our best friend has bought. This behavior can also be transferred to Instagram. The more Instagram Likes a post has, the higher the probability that it will generate even more Instagram Likes.

Das Kaufen von Instagram Likes kann dich dahingehend unterstützen und Deinen liebevoll erstellten Content einem deutlich größeren Publikum vorstellen. Profitiere deshalb von unserer hochwertigen Community und booste Deinen Instagram Account!

The right ratio of followers and likes

If you decide to buy Instagram likes, you should always make sure that the number of likes matches the number of your followers. On Instagram, the more subscribers you have, the percentage of likes and followers decreases.

For example, if you have 1000 followers and achieve an engagement rate of 5%, the engagement rate with 5000 followers can drop to 4.3% - even though you have more followers. But why is that so?

Especially at the beginning of your Instagram career, loyal followers and actual prospects interact with your account. With a growing following on Instagram, there are also people who are not directly interested in you, but in your content.

So before you buy Instagram Likes, you should first pay attention to your number of followers. The goal is to give your posts a little support so that a larger audience can be reached. If you only have a few followers, you can first buy Instagram followers before buying Instagram Likes. This ensures that the relationship with the desired likes fits and that your Instagram account looks serious and professional.

Buy Instagram Likes with Points

As already mentioned, with us you have the opportunity to invest your points in likes, views and other interactions. This way we avoid crooked numbers and present your budget in the form of points. This guarantees a transparent and secure calculation of your points and your investment. By the way: How many points you want to use is entirely up to you!

Safe and serious service for bought Instagram likes

We at Instafabrik want to offer our customers an unforgettable and successful experience - that's why we focus on clarity and reliability. No subscription trap or even deceptive rip-offs await you with us! In addition to our transparency, you can trust that Instagram will not take any action. This is made possible by our 100% real and high-quality community, because we do not buy users from distant countries, but rely on real people with real profiles and thus a real reach that is completely harmless to your account!

Discreet and professional advice

Unser Instafabrik Kundensupport berät Dich gerne zu Deinem gewünschten Instagram Likes Paket. Unser Instafabrik Support Dir in allen Belangen gerne weiter – völlig diskret. Halte am besten Deine E-Mail sowie Deinen Instagram-Benutzernamen bereit, damit wir Dir so schnell wie möglich individuell helfen können. Neben unserer Transparenz kannst Du darauf vertrauen, dass Instagram keine Maßnahmen ergreifen wird. Das wird durch unsere 100% echte und hochwertige Community ermöglicht, denn wir kaufen keine User aus fernen Ländern ein, sondern bauen auf echte Menschen mit echten Profilen und damit einer echten Reichweite, die für Deinen Account völlig ungefährlich ist!

How to optimize your account with purchased Instagram Likes

As you surely know by now, likes are decisive for the success or failure of an Instagram account. Likes create a high level of engagement and ensure greater reach. This will give you more followers and appear serious and trustworthy.

Extra tip: In addition to good content, you should always use the right Instagram hashtags or markings in order to be able to address a hitherto unknown audience beyond your followers. If you want to learn more, you can read our tips for getting more Instagram likes.

Instafabrik - your partner for everything to do with Instagram

Buy Instagram Likes - easy, serious and professional. The advantages that you get from bought Instagram Likes are obvious: In addition to a higher reach, you get a trustworthy and professional image and thus give your content the chance to reach more users.

As an experienced Instagram agency, we support you with qualitative and unique Instagram Likes. Simply top up points and invest in Instagram Likes. With Instafabrik, your Instagram account will reach new heights!


You try hard with your Instagram posts, but somehow they don't reach the world? This is where can help. If you wish, you will receive real likes, comments and views on your posts from real users. No intermediaries or dubious second companies are used. “Likers” are those users who are themselves active in the Insta community. Even real comments from real users are part of Instafabrik's offer. The higher your number of likes and followers, the better known you will be. A popular profile will attract significantly more people and so you will go from being a nobody to a sought-after influencer.

Whether likes, comments or views, the commitment that you can generate via comes from real users with high-quality profiles. No one is helped with 500 likes that come from profiles with no reach. Then you can enjoy red hearts, but not reach. With us you will receive your views, likes and comments from thematically fitting Instagram users, who have already generated a reach themselves and thus ensure traffic on your profile. You can take care of the quality yourself, for example with your own comments.

At we focus on clarity and reliability. No subscription trap, no rip-offs and no risk of your Insta account being deleted. Because that's the big worry that often arises when pushing through bought likes. What if Insta notices the attempt? Since we rely on a real existing community and our likes come from real interacting profiles, the risk of deletion is low. So far there have not been any cases in which an Instagram account was deleted by support. The marketing system behind Instafabrik is developed by professionals and specially tailored to the terms and conditions of the influencer platform.

Points are the internal currency at For the sake of simplicity, we have shown all of our costs in Points, which you can buy in different ways. Whether with credit card, PayPal or Klarna, you can top up your account with points in real time and book the desired services. We find it easier if you have to pay 500, 1000 or 2000 points instead of 14.54 euros, 12.33 euros or similarly crooked amounts. Smooth sums, as shown with our points, are transparent and easy to calculate for all sides. By the way, you decide how many points you need and when you top up them. We don't give you any guidelines in this regard.