Increase Instagram impressions: this is how it works!

Increase Instagram impressions: this is how it works!

If you increase the Instagram impressions, you will automatically reach more people. An impression arises when someone sees your post on Instagram, for example when scrolling through their own timeline. The search for hashtags also creates impressions. Each impression is a potential visit to your account or a potential purchase - depending on the objective.

Increase Instagram impressions and improve reach

More impressions mean more reach. Brands, influencers of the products and services that you want to advertise or sell directly benefit from this. Your Instagram account will only grow if you gain more and more followers over time. Therefore it is essential that you increase the Instagram impressions.

Create creative and unique content that is tailored to your target group. To do this, you first have to know specifically who you want to address and what they want to see. If the target group is interested in bicycles, for example, they are more likely to be attracted by appealing photos of the latest bikes or by lengthy texts or photos of people. Be prepared for it!

Regularity and persistence pay off

If you want the algorithm to do well with your account, you should post content regularly. At least once a day, you should publish something that suits your account and your target audience. With a bit of luck, Instagram will suggest you to new users whom you would not otherwise have discovered. In this way you will gradually gain more reach.

You can also get more impressions by mentioning you to other people or by a certain interaction taking place under your content. The more appealing, personal and meaningful the content, the more likely it is to comment, like and share. All of this, in turn, leads to Instagram ranking you as relevant. This results in a greater range.

In order to increase impressions on Instagram, you should not only take note that your followers are interacting with you. Instead, it's important that you respond to comments, requests, and likes. Take a look at the accounts of your followers, like their content and, above all, respond to comments under your own posts. A nice word, an emoticon or a brief consultation always goes down well and strengthens the bond with your own followers. This in turn leads to more interaction and more impressions.

Hashtags are crucial

Not only the interaction and great content are important, but also the hashtags still play a big role when it comes to more impressions. Think about what keywords your potential buyers, followers and customers will be looking for on Instagram. Use the relevant keywords in the form of hashtags under your postings. Use several relevant hashtags and not just two or three.

Make sure that these are hashtags that really match your content. Don't just use keywords to increase impressions on Instagram, use them specifically. When someone searches for a certain term or has subscribed to a hashtag, they expect suitable content and no advertising that has nothing to do with the topic.

Pavel Masloboyev
Published: 11.11.2021
22117 Hamburg
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