Get Instagram comments with these tips

Get Instagram comments with these tips

To get more Instagram comments, you need to take action. It is usually not enough to post content regularly and then wait to see what happens. It is much smarter if you come up with a strategy right from the start that is designed for many interactions. Those who can record more interactions are more likely to be taken into account by the algorithm and therefore suggested more frequently.

Get Instagram comments and think about your strategy

Are you familiar with the feature called Insights? The point here is to be able to see with an account exactly how many interactions have taken place for which posting in which period. The practical thing about this statistic: You can use it to determine which people are online most often and when and how these people react to your content. In the future, try to post at those times of the day and on the days of the week when your target group is often active. Then the chance increases that you will soon get more Instagram comments.

Motivation is everything

If you'd like your followers to comment more often, then you have to encourage them to do so, or at least motivate you. In exciting posts, aggressively ask that followers get involved by writing a comment. You can also get Instagram comments by asking questions or asking for the opinion or even specific tips of your followers. This is always welcome and also promotes the bond between you and your potential customers or fans.

It is best to ask rather short questions, which are general but not uninteresting. Of course, you should be more careful with questions about religion, politics or the like. Instead, make sure there is a lively exchange in the comments area. This in turn means that more and more comments are added. Most people are more likely to bring themselves to comment when they see that other people are already participating.

Get involved

By engaging in more interactions yourself, you can motivate your followers as well. For example, you can get more Instagram comments by asking other people's questions, offering suggestions, or responding to other people's comments under their posts. Many accounts will approach you and, as a kind of nice thing, also comment under your content. This in turn encourages other followers to participate.

When replying to comments, always make sure that you respond diplomatically, kindly, and empathically. This is generally more popular than when it comes to monosyllabic answers that tend to express disinterest. Instead, be authentic and approachable in order to inform your followers indirectly: I am interested in your opinion and am happy to talk to you.

If you want to get more Instagram comments, you should generally reply to all comments. People appreciate it when you don't just ignore the comments or just like them, but rather approach each individual individually. Of course, this costs time and therefore money. But it pays off if your comment column soon becomes full and attracts more and more new followers. The algorithm likes to see comments too!

Pavel Masloboyev
Published: 11.11.2021
22117 Hamburg
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